Probusiness Boonsongsuk Limited Partnership is located at No. 122/8 Moo 6, Umong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Lamphun and was established by Mr. Thi Danphaiboon. The organization’s market focus lies in Industrial Agriculture with the aim to produce and sell quality organic fertilizer to farmers.


Certified by Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (IFOAM)


Probusiness Advance Limited Partnership was established on November 2, 1999 by Mr. Thi Danphaiboon. The Head office is located at No. 122/8 Moo. 6 Chiang Mai – Lamphun Rd. Umong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Lamphun. The factory where our Naga Organic Fertilizer is produced is located at No.161/5 Moo. 2 Thebnakorn Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kamphaeng Phet.
Mr. Thi Danphaiboon’s goal is that of developing Thai agriculture that aligns with international standards. This is being obtained through the production of organic fertilizers, ensuring quality control measures and most importantly; providing farmers with a quality product at a reasonable price.
Even with the advent of the digital age, many Thai people still rely both directly and indirectly on farmers driving the economy.
Due to modern day consumption demands, the use of fertilizers is a vital component in the agricultural process. For this reason; the company aims to produce and sell its products to bolster this need.
Formerly selling under the name “Naga Organic Chemical Fertilizers”, the company produced and sold its organic/chemical fertilizer mixtures to farmers who had come to know and trust the product.
As of 2007, Thailand’s Fertilizers Act was amended in order to protect farmers from an increase in the use of agricultural chemicals. As such, fertilizers can be categorized into 3 groups namely: organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer and bio fertilizer. Subsequently, the company has adjusted to the amendments by introducing its organic product. Since March 10, 2005, the company has focused on exclusively producing the aforementioned product.
Furthermore, a request was made to be registered under the new trademark; ” Water Spraying Naga Organic Fertilizer” because at that time the name of Naga was very popular and many companies named their own products by using this name. As an alternative, the government suggests a new brand name called “Water Spraying Naga” and the name has been in use since then.
Operating for more than 17 years; Probusiness Advance Limited Partnership has kept abreast of a changing business landscape by employing new strategies and management in order to advance the company.
As a result, since July 4 2014, the company now features second generation ownership and trades under the name Probusiness Boonsongsuk. The company strives to advance in all spheres of business as this new direction proves.
In keeping with modern practices, concerns and aligning with Thai government policies; such as government support for organic farmers, the company aligns itself with Thai laws, needs and values.
Products are continually being developed and adjusted in order to align with the Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT) as well as the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) organization and international standards by 27 January 2015.

Fertilizer Plant of “Water Spraying Naga Organic Fertilizer”

Regarding product details, the advantages of “Water Spraying Naga Organic Fertilizer”

are improving soil nutrients that are beneficial to plant species. Furthermore, growth rate and yields are also improved.
Through the process of fermentation using microorganisms, the product is naturally formed through a mixture of materials including Filter Cake , Humus sugar factory (humus) , Glutamate Factory, Rock Phosphate (Mineral Phosphate Powder), Dolomite, Zeolite, etc
The end product is a biodegradable product, made from raw materials and is of the highest quality; weighing in at only 25 percent prior to decomposition process.

Process research of organic fertilizers from natural raw materials.

The fermentation process, organic fertilizer from natural raw materials.

7 Benefits of utilizing Water Spraying Naga Organic Fertilizer include

1.To improve the fertility of the soil by being a source of nutrients for plants.
Nutrients include Macronutrients (Primary nutrient elements) and nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K),
as well as Secondary nutrient elements including calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and sulfur (S).
Furthermore, Micronutrients consist of iron (Fe), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), boron (B) a molybdenum (Mo) and chlorine (CI).
2. To assist in the absorption of nutrients, the charge is released slowly and sufficiently to allow growth of plants.
3.Substances accelerate plant growth (Growth regulators).
4. There are various types of microorganisms to help prevent soil root rot. Nitrogen can help plants become more resistant to diseases and pests.
5.Allows the soil to be more absorbent, thus retaining moisture and aiding drainage and air circulation.
6.Balance pH of the soil.
7.Flowering plants species produce healthy fruit with a consistently high yield.