Organic fertilizer in powder

25 kg.
Formula: soil conditioning- it contains Trichoderma helping to prevent and eliminate root and foot rot in the soil for plants and increase quantity of roots** Used as a base dressing before planting all kinds of plant, especially vegetables, field crops and horticultural crops, helping plants to grow faster, stronger with more fibrous roots, strong root system, absorbing nutrients well and used as a media.

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Field crops
used during cultivation before planting at ratio of 150-200 kg / rai.
sow 1-2 handful/ square meter while preparing the soil for longan and fruits.
Upon fruiting
Apply 2-5 parts of powder fertilizer mixed with a part of fertilizer 15-15-15 and sown around canopy 2-5 tons based on size of canopy.

Organic fertilizer in pellets

25 kg.
Formula: base dressing formula before planting all kinds of plants 7 days- to make the plants grow faster, stronger, with new roots and fibrous roots increased, strong root system, and absorb nutrients well.

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Potted plants
Apply 1 tablespoon, then place on ground surface, and water to be wet (8-inch pot).
Rice farm
Apply the fertilizers in pellets mixed with fertilizers 46-0-0 at ratio of 1: 1, and sow 25-30 kg/ rai after transplanting or rice grown 10-14 days. And upon 45 days of age of rice, apply organic fertilizers in pellets mixed with 16-20-0 fertilizer at ratio of 1: 1, and then sow 25-30 kg / rai.
Vegetable, crops and flowering plants
Sow fertilizer in pellets 7 days before planting at 100-200 kg / rai.
Sow 1-5 kg per plant around the stem based on age of the fruit.

Concentrated Organic Extract in Liquid

1000 cc.
It improves and nourishes soil and contains organic matters in the proper amount, can improve the soil with high plasticity and consistence to be more airy so that sand can agglomerate as grains that can absorb water well. As a result, water and air circulation in the soil is improved, stimulating seed germination and rooting. It contains It contains macronutrients and micronutrients for all plants to be efferent in absorbing plant nutrients, makes the soil fertile so that the plant will utilize the nutrients in its growth, flowering, fruiting with quality and high productivity. It is very important in mediating transport of nutrients from the soil to the plant roots, as well as reducing the use of chemical fertilizers to reduce costs and increase productivity.

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rice, corn, cassava, sugarcane, etc., apply at 10-20 cc per 20 liters of water to spray every 10-15 days.
eggplant, pepper, yard long bean, etc., apply at 10-20 cc per 20 liters of water to spray every 7-10 days.
Fruit trees
longan, rose apple, papaya, pineapple, etc., apply at 10-20 cc per 20 liters of water to spray every 10-15 days.
orchid, roses, anthuriums, etc., apply at 10-20 ml per 20 liters of water to spray every 7-10 days.